Several trails exist at the park with perhaps the most popular being the trail along the top of the namesake rock formation. Those wishing to climb The Pinnacles by the easiest route should ford Silver Fork at the ruins of an old dam, downstream from the picnic area. This ford may be reached via the road which goes south from the parking area or by the shorter trail along the northwest bank of Silver Fork.

After fording the stream, climb the trail to the northeast along the east flank of the rock backbone to the crest of the ridge. Where the path reaches the crest the rock is pink, the result of fires oxidizing trace amounts of iron in the limestone. The rock also contains stylolites, zig-zag structures of debated origin which resemble skull sutures. Cedars (junipers) love bare limestone and this preference is obvious as one looks northeast along The Pinnacles.

Another favorite, but shorter and less strenuous, trail leads to the Shelving Rock opposite the south end of the The Pinnacles.

Take the trail leading southwest from the Burk Memorial Shelter, and after passing a smaller shelter you will encounter the second geologic phenomena present at The Pinnacles. The Shelving Rock is a shelter 40 feet deep, 125 feet long, and a maximum of 10 feet high resulting from the Burlington Limestone being undercut by erosion.