Pinnacles Improvement Project

For over 50 years, the Pinnacles has operated thanks to the generosity of private donors to the Boone County Pinnacles Youth Foundation. This non-profit board of volunteers has dedicated countless hours to keeping the Park safe and available to generation after generation of visitors.

In order to keep the park safe and well-maintained, several critical areas must be addressed.

Priority 1: One key to having the park stay safe is having on-site park managers. Their mobile home was built nearly 40 years ago and urgently needs to be replaced.

Priority 2: The Park’s infrastructure (power/water) require updates to handle the modern needs of visitors.

Priority 3: The 50+ year old shelters will require refurbishment and roof replacement within the next three years.

Priority 4: The establishment of a robust, sustainable reserve fund to help handle future expected and unexpected needs of the Pinnacles.

Based on estimates the board has received, we believe we need to raise at least $360,000 in donations over the next three years in order to fund these outlined priorities.

If you are able to support the Pinnacles financially, please consider making a donation at

If you have connections that can help us reduce the cost of any of our stated priorities, please contact us!